Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why Use Natural Skincare?

There are many conventional products out on the market that produce effective skincare benefits, such as anti-aging and acne prevention. However, the majority of these products are composed of chemical ingredients. While the products can produce good short term effects for the look of skin, they often times contain things that slowly harm your skin and health as well. These include things such as alcohol and Parabens. Alcohol actually dries your skin out, whether you notice or not, and promotes more rapid skin aging. Parabens were found in multiple studies to have connections with cancer growth. These are only two examples of the harmful ingredients that are commonly found in skincare. OLGA COLA products are all natural, vegan, and organic, so they are not made up of chemical formulations. If you use natural skincare, your skin and body will thank you later on. 

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