Monday, June 18, 2018

OLGA COLA: Skincare Routine

Routines are very important to your skin's health. OLGA COLA products can be very beneficial to your skin if you use them correctly. Here are some suggestions on how to use OLGA COLA products in your routine:

In the morning, start your day off right by cleansing the skin with OLGA COLA Eudermic Face & Body Wash. To moisturize, use either the Antioxidant Face Cream or the Eudermic Face & Body Cream, depending on your skin's needs. Either one of these creams will make for the perfect daily skin barrier and makeup base.

At night, use the Eudermic Intensive Oil to remove all traces of makeup from your skin. After removal, apply our Eudermic Face & Body Wash to cleanse the skin of the day's pollutions. Finally, use either the Antioxidant Face Cream or Eudermic Face & Body Cream.

Remember that consistency is key and repetition of your skincare routine will provide the best skincare results with OLGA COLA products.

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