Tuesday, June 5, 2018

OLGA COLA: Perfect For Your Baby

Having a baby is one of the best natural gifts in life. Babies are the most pure and delicate creatures on this Earth so they should be treated accordingly. Since they are so young and new, their skin tends to be hyper-sensitive. Because of this, the soft skin should be properly cleansed and moisturized to prevent issues. Being all natural, vegan, and organic, you can trust that OLGA COLA products will properly protect your baby without using ingredients that could possibly be harmful, like conventional products do.
To wash the sensitive skin, our Eudermic Face & Body Wash is extra caring and fragrance free. The Eudermic Face & Body Cream is perfect to add moisture into the skin after cleansing. And finally, the Eudermic protective paste soothes the skin area after each diaper change to prevent irritation. All of these products are also great for use by the mom and can be beneficial to all skin types.

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