Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The many uses of OLGA COLA Eudermic Intensive Oil

Beauty oils have been in the cosmetics industry for a while, but only recently have they become more widely used for things other than a massage oil. Most people don't realize just how many different uses there are for oils in their everyday routine. OLGA COLA intensive body oil is a unique one because it is natural, vegan, organic, and has no perfumes in it. Due to this, it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. It is also immediately absorbed with no greasy feel and has been thoroughly dermatologically and microbiologically tested. "So how can oil actually be used in my everyday routine?" you my ask. Keep reading to find out just how you can incorporate it into your everyday life and why OLGA COLA Eudermic Intensive oil is specifically beneficial. 

Makeup Remover: This option is perfect if you are tired of wasting the traditional makeup wipes every time you remove your makeup. Just wet a cotton pad under hot water and add some of this oil to it. Makeup will be efficiently taken off. It even works on waterproof makeup because the oils will break down particles in the makeup better. 

Face Moisturizer: Add some drops of the oil to your favorite moisturizer, or to your face before moisturizing, to boost skin's hydration. It can be used everyday and is specifically great after sun exposure, the wintertime, or if you are just feeling a little dry.

Body Moisturizer: If the skin on your body is feeling cracked or dry, this is a great oil to restore the moisture and also add vitamins that increase your skins health. It is also benefitial to use after sun exposure. 

Massage Oil: This delicate oil is perfect for a luxurious massage on days when you feel like you need a little extra pampering. You can also pair it with your favorite scent if you would like for further relaxation. 

Hair Treatment: If you're someone who suffers from split ends or dry hair, this oil could really help you. Before showering, you can massage your hair and scalp with the oil to rejuvenate and enrich your locks with vitamins for a healthier look and feel. 

Hair De-Frizzer: If you live in an area that tends to get humid, or just have naturally frizzy hair, this oil can be used to tame the unruliness. Just take a few drops, rub it between your hands, and run your hands along wherever you feel like you need your hair to be less frizzy. 

Shaving: The difficult thing about shaving with a cream is that sometimes it moves around so you can't see which parts of your legs are hairy and which parts have already been shaved. With this intensive oil, not only will you be able to see better, but it will give your legs a more moisturized feel during and after. It is also perfect for shaving in more sensitive areas such as pubic areas and underarms. 

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